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RBD distribution terminal blocks are designed for use as terminal clamps when multiple smaller conductors must be connected to a conductor with bigger cross-section, for arrangement of distribution systems in cabinets, arrangement of main earthing busbar. Intended for installation on DIN rail or mounting panel both in power supply cabinets and flat distribution boards, working in the systems of voltages up to 1000V and frequency 50Hz, at ambient air temperature from -40 to +70°C. RBD distribution terminal blocks are made from high-quality brass with special protective coating. The body is made from non-combustible plastic. Installation methods: - on DIN rail 35mm wide; - on the board panel using 2 screws.
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Блок распред. проходн. РБДп-35 125/50А DIN 1х35-4х6мм2 IEK
Article: YRB30-1-125
Width: 43.0 mm
Depth: 40.5 mm
Nominal current: 125/50 A
Nominal voltage: 660 V
Блок распред. проходн. РБДп-95 232/100А DIN 1х95-4х16мм2 IEK
Article: YRB30-1-232
Height: 71.2 mm
Width: 51.5 mm
Depth: 60.0 mm
Nominal current: 125/50 A
Total: 2
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