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Crimping pliers KO-01 are designed for crimping the main types and sizes of tips, such as NVI, NKI, RpIp, RpIm, PshIp, RshIm. On the lips of ticks TO-1 bear identification color code, the corresponding color insulating cuffs are used tips: red, blue and yellow. The tangs made of 3 mm hardened steel, have a ratchet mechanism, convenient handles, precisely fitted matrices, and are equipped with a special device that allows you to unlock them from any position. Ergonomic design, small size and weight, simplicity and reliability in handling makes working with these tongs not only fast and convenient, but also enjoyable.
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Novelty Стриппер автоматический MASTER АС 0,03-10 IEK
Article: TFS10-1-10
Макс длина зачищ конца провода: 20 mm
Мин сечение зачищаемого провода: 0.03 mm²
Макс сечение зачищаемого провода: 10.00 mm²
Габаритные размеры инструмента: 210,5 mm
Novelty Стриппер ручной многофункциональный MASTER СИ-2 IEK
Article: TFS20-1-02
Мин сечение зачищаемого провода: 0.50 mm²
Макс сечение зачищаемого провода: 6.00 mm²
Габаритные размеры инструмента: 160 mm
Ambient temperature: -40…+50 °C
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