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SM busbar insulators


Busbar insulators connect current-conducting buses inside power distribution boxes and assemblies for insulation and fastening of conducting parts from the casing and panels with consequent connection of power cables for electricity distribution inside the box.

The insulator should be fixed to the mounting plate or casing with the help of a bolt on the one side; current-conducting bus is fastened to the insulator on the other side. Each bus is installed minimum on two insulators (at the bus ends). It is possible to install intermediate insulators (depending on the installation circuit and bus length).


Name Dimensions, mm Center fitting diameter with internal thread Product ID
SM25 H25xD27xM6 mm IEK 25 9 9 25 30 30 M6 YIS11-25-06
SM30 H30xD27xM8 mm IEK 30 10 10 25 32 32 M8 YIS11-30-08
SM35 H35xD32xM8 mm IEK 35 10 12 28 32 32 M8 YIS11-35-10
SM40 H40xD40xM8 mm IEK 40 12 12 34 41 41 M8 YIS11-40-12
SM51 H51 xD35xM8 mm IEK 51 12 12 30 36 36 M8 YIS11-51-15
SM76 H76xD50xM10 mm IEK 76 14 16 36 50 50 M10 YIS11-76-25


Name Product ID
12 module plug, gray YZM10-12
12 module plug, white YZM10-12-K01
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