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IEK is the largest electrical engineering producing company in Russia. To make the production really effective, a combination of different factors is needed, such as competent production management, up-to-date equipment, and advanced technology; still, the most important resource of a company is its employees. The company’s manpower policy is focused on forming a united body of professional staff, whose main goal is achieving good results both individual and collective. Our employees take a major interest in their jobs, aim at professional and career growth, and focus on developing together with the company.

Manpower Objectives

• employing competent motivated staff;
• improving the training and motivating systems;
• developing corporate social security programmes;
• maintain comfortable working conditions and stability for our workers;
• perfecting staff management processes.
IEK operates on the territory of Russia and through its branch offices in the countries of the NIS. Its employees come from Russia as well as from the NIS.

Adaptation Programme         

The new personnel receives every support to effectively join the company, get acquainted with its values and traditions, its structure, major subdivisions, and production facilities. Introduction trainings and seminars are organized regularly as well as tours to production facilities.

Manpower Principles

These are based on establishing long-term relationship with every employee; on maintaining mutual respect, encouraging initiative, supporting creativity of every worker.

IEK Staff Characteristics

• high professional level;
• motivation, high productivity, self-perfection;
• efficiency and initiative in problem solving, self-discipline;
• creativity at work, active and positive positioning;
• loyalty to the company; desire and ability to cooperate.
The company employs a system of encouraging and motivating its workers, which is base on the input in the corporate result:
• financial incentives and social payment;
• professional and career growth;
• moral encouragement.
The salary is determined by the working efficiency. The system of financial encouragement includes financial bonus payments, which are derived from the individual results, plus yearly financial bonus payment.

Social Security                   

The social security includes benefits and compensations in compliance with Russian legislature. Also, there are corporate social programmes:
• free lunch;
• corporate transportation;
• different compensation payments;
• financial support and benefits.
The company sees investing in professional education of its employees as a necessary step in successful development. The basis of professional education is identifying an employee’s need for education, the main directions of education, planning and summarizing. In order to develop individual professional and professionally valuable qualities, the company regularly organizes and conducts corporate trainings, seminars, presentations; develops distant courses system.

Corporate Culture Development   

This is an important part of the company’s development, whose goal is to form mutual respect, corporate morale, respect for the efficiency of individual and corporate work. This is achieved through:
• corporate work ethics support and development;
• corporate integrity feeling development, corporate symbols and traditions;
• organizing corporate activities, formation of a ‘corporate family.

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