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Shopping center MART Village

MART Village  the first professional commercial and farming center with a unique tenant mix, the number of which reaches 600 in Taraz town. On the territory of the center there are the shops of clothes, footwear, goods for home, garden, camping, construction materials hypermarket, hypermarket of electronics and home appliances. The cable installation systems of the center was organized using electrical products IEK.

Shopping center KeruenCity

Keruen City Astana is a large shopping centre in the capital of Kazakhstan. It was originally called MEGA Astana. The center is located in the new part of the city, along the Korgalzhyn highway, on the corner of Prospekt Saryarka. The cable installation systems of the center was organized using electrical products IEK.

The residential complex "Grunvald"

Grunvald is located in the Svyatoshisky district, on the Kladievskaya street of the capital. The residential complex consists of the 7 residential buildings, with heights from 10 to 26 floors. Also on the area of the residential complex will be a supermarket, Parking and fitness club with a gum and a swimming pool. The electricity supply of the Grunvald is provided with the use of modular equipment IEK.

The residential complex Lesnoy Kvartal

The residential complex Lesnoy Kvartal is located in the Kiev region, Brovary, Kievskaya str. This is a modern comfort class residential complex, which is constructed using environmentally friendly materials. The complex consists of 8 residential high-rise buildings with an office and commercial space on the first floor, a kindergarten, which a total area is 2000 sq. m., an open Parking. In the power supply system of this large facility has equipment IEK.

The residential complex "Ministerial"

The residential complex Ministerial is located in the Obolonsky district of Kyiv and covers an area of 311 274, 94 sq. m. The complex is a complete residential district that meets the modern requirements to the quality of life. According to the project on its territory provided for the construction of 4 detached modern residential houses with a total area of 311 thousand square meters and 3 underground Parking on 1118 cars. During the tender for the supply of electrical products for this object, it was decided to equip it with equipment TM IEK. The products of the IEK were supplied as the construction and equipping of certain buildings and structures.

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