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Mosque «Hazrat Sultan»

Mosque «Hazrat Sultan»

New Mosque «Hazrat Sultan» — one of the most beautiful objects in Astana. It is considered the largest mosque in Central Asia. According to the draft of a new great hall of the mosque is designed for 5,000 seats, but if necessary at the expense of a large hall, it can accommodate up to 9,000 persons.

A wide range of IEK ® electrical was used for the installation of floor heating systems in buildings. Opting for IEK ® electrical engineering was chosen because of its functionality and reliability.

City: Astana, Kazakhstan

Brand IEK: modular equipment, VA-88, contactors, cabinets and accessories, cable duct, electrical products.

Year of Establishment: 2011

Supplier: EnergoKomplektServis 2002
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