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The Baku White City

The Baku White City

The Baku White City is the one of the large-scale urban planning projects in Azerbaijan, which implemented within the framework of an execution of the decree of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev approving the Plan of complex measures on improving ecological situation in Azerbaijan.
The project provides the restoration and development of the Eastern part of the city center, which covering an area of 221 hectares. The General plan of the Baku White City envisages the creation of 10 universal urban areas.
The development of the project Baku White City, along with the Azerbaijani specialists, attracted by the British company Atkins, specializing in an engineering design, and architectural companies Foster and Partners and F+A Architects. The several residential buildings and the tunnel are equipped with the products of IEK.

City: Baku, Azerbaijan

Brand IEK: metal trays

Installation year: 2016-2017

Supplier: Avalone Elektrik

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